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SHERIDAN WYOMING: NOVEMBER 11, 2020 //// Positive JuJu LLC (+JuJu), a mountain state publication and event spin off of Medical Cannalyst Consulting Group LLC (MCCG LLC), combining both print and online media publications; Cannabis Nurses Magazine, Integrative Provider Magazine, Hemp Builders Magazine, Cannabis Patients Magazine, The Conduit (Magazine), Holistic Magazine, Phyto-Sciences Magazine, Cannabis Investors Magazine, Hemp Investors Magazine, and the National Cannabis Patient Resource Guide (currently in development).  Now teaming with the professional analytic, journalistic, executive and consulting capabilities and expertise of industry leading trailblazers from brands and websites like; The Focused Stock Trader, 420Consulting Services,, and Ask Nurse Juhlzie; to provide our readers, and subscribers, with unique insight on products, services and trends, in addition to up-to-the-minute updates on the latest industry-related news in professional, political, economics and cultural topics. 


In line with the latest trend of industry consolidation, many professionals have come together to form the Positive JuJu LLC - +JuJu Professional Consortium - Series 99, providing a direct path to ownership, and profit sharing for creators, producers, writers, photographers, and more - elevating talent and rewarding game changers no matter their circumstances - while building international unity in the creative professional space. Today, +JuJu co-founded SiXY LLC with a group of wellness innovators to provide Positive JuJu LLC employees, managers and executives with a comprehensive wellness plan managing their wellness, not their symptoms, or diseases. In the process, +JuJu secured an exclusive contract that will empower +JuJu creators into the 21st Century, and beyond. 

It was +JuJu's unique ability to immediately leverage global networks of professional talent, and presence, to build a brand, and acquire customers, that elevated the +JuJu team into a position to provide this unique combination of quality standards, and project management skills, as a partner in SiXY LLC. with the necessary creative content development, and production expertise in digital programming, editing, online and mobile application development, social media management and multi-site RSS feed management for various online media publications, combined with event management, and client acquisition and retention to ensure a unified experience for all those involved.


Imperion has achieved a great success in introducing beauty brands in digital media through various social media platforms.


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We are a global communications consultancy built on an individualized scale. A trusted partner who is equal parts creative and analytical. Who has rejected the limiting boundaries that divide and diminish.

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To not measure communications is lazy and shows a lack of pride in your work, yet most PR firms and professionals don’t know how to measure.

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