We Are…

Positive JuJu

a new twist on the Agency, combining creativity, communications, technology, event management and productions, to build, and retain, your brand base, sustainably.
in working with the right clients on the right projects, as we put happiness first.
with working hours which promotes trust, autonomy, and adaptability for our team.

We Are…


We are a global communications, and consultancy, firm built on an individualized model that elevates extraordinary talent, combining it with technology, management and creative direction, 24/7, because the hands of time never stop, and neither does the impact of +JuJu.  

When +JuJu partners with a brand, we become a trusted partner, who is equal parts creative, innovative and analytical.  Rejecting all limiting beliefs, and boundaries that divide and diminish impact, we create the masterpieces that make a lasting impression on the mind.



Combining experience, innovative technology, expertise and industry relationships to scale and measure client acquisition is the new name of the game.  If a new brand can’t acquire, and retain, a client base, then they are DEAD ON ARRIVAL. 

+JuJu has developed proprietary techniques, and algorithms, that  constantly improve and innovate solutions that improve brands rate of retention, without compromise. 

+JuJu has been implementing the future of client acquisition, scaling >400% growth, and maintaining client satisfaction, operating by appointment only and not working more than 32 hours a week. 

Can your business say that? What’s stopping you?


One of the best parts about +JuJu is we won’t waste your time, or ours, and the numbers always speak for themselves.  We measure impact,  and take corrective measures to achieve goals, with no excuses. 

If +JuJu can’t meet or exceed our mutual expectations, we won’t take the contract. In contrast, if a client can’t afford to reach their goals, we will tell them, and show them a way to scale, and achieve similar goals, using the resources they do have.   

Our works…
Thinking beyond limits means having an open mind to all possibilities that create impactful work for our clients. With no boundaries, everyone wins. Traditional PR doesn’t work anymore
Here are a diversity of new ways PR has changed for 2020. Let’s know about them.
Our awards…

Public Relations Society

PRSA Sunshine District awarded PR agency a Radiance Award for their project on the It Works

PR Moment Awards

The PR Moment Awards awarded PR agency with a PRestige Award in the Special Events

Florida PR Association

FPRA recognized PR agency with a Golden Image Award, which shows the best example of design