Global communications, combined with creativity, technology, management and creative direction strengthen our relationships with creators, and producers.
Intra-network creative production empowers publishing, publications, social media management and Dev-Ops to boost, and scale client acquisition, sustainably.
+JuJu was created by spinning off MCCG LLC's event production and publication divisions, combining them with coding and brand development experts of

About Us…


We’re creative communications experts for a select few regional and national brands that stand out for being the change in their sector. Our creative directors, and project managers only work with a select few, because they only have so many burners that they can devote their time to, and give 100% of their talent to  providing first-class PR strategy, communications, counsel, event production, and related services, through post campaign analysis, measurement, and evaluation. We are cultured to connect people and manage brands through news, social media, and web experiences. We are aimed at national brands offering products and services in multiple locations, while doing more for their employees, communities, and industries.

Each creative design, implementation or production decision made focuses on client imprint, acquisition and retention, and is made from the heart under creative influences, not deadlines. Clients are empowered to change their minds, creators are empowered to use their expertise in building a client-base for the client: magic. 

We invest our all into our creators so they invest their all into us – and our clients – from  to pool and foosball tables, unlimited paid time off, 32 hour work weeks and a living wage, we are a results driven enterprise and our numbers speak for themselves.  

+JuJu was developed to work from the cloud, and optimize creativity throughout the agency, by sustainably and responsibly brokering time, for consideration. Is your brand worth consideration?

We subscribe to a strict set of values, and fundamental principles. Our integrity is priceless, and so is our time and bandwidth. We only work with projects, and brands, that serve the people, the plants and the planet, and all other inhabitants: no exceptions. +JuJu is not for everybody, and +JuJu is not for sale.

Our prices, and retainers, are non-negotiable, we bill, and pay, bi-weekly, and we are proud to pay well above the industry standard, for well above extraordinary work. This is the precise reason why we commonly say, “what is your CPM budget? Be realistic over the next year, as it will take a year to establish a reliable client-base”

This concludes your free advice. 

Merging minds is a specialty of +JuJu, and our creative producers work well with our digital media production, and Dev-Ops departments, to captivate, capture and continue engagements with your client base, allowing your brand to scale client acquisition up or down on demand, empowering brands to scale sustainably.

+JuJu is the future of agency relations, and global communications.